Jovan Pavicevic interview- THE BEST OF KARTING

Jovan Pavicevic interview

Today I have here with me a special guest, Jovan Pavicevic, a kart driver who has been part of our community since 2019, but let's get straight to the questions!

Hi Jovan, how are you? Can you give us a short presentation of yourself?

Hey Roberto, fine thanks. I come from a small but very beautiful country in Southeastern Europe, Montenegro. I just turned 18, so I will get my driving license soon and I’ll finally be able to drive outside of the track ! Currently, I'm a student in a Grammar school and it's pretty hard for me to both study and race at the same time.

How did you discovered the world of karting?

A close family friend was also a driver and his dream was to make a race track. A few years ago, he opened a CIK-FIA approved track in my city, Podgorica. In the beginning, I only used to drive rentals-Sodi RT8 and I was on the track basically every day from the opening hours to midnight.

What was your first kart?

After a couple of months of driving rentals, we thought that it was time to make a step further and buy a real racing kart. My first kart was a combination of Jesolo chassis and an Iame Parilla 100cc air-cooled engine. Half a year passed and we decided to start racing, so we bought a new Sodi kart with a Rotax junior engine.

And when your first race instead?

My first race was in Bruick, Austria. It was basically my first time seeing another kart in the track! It was a crazy experience and an incredible memory which I will always remember. For me it felt as if I were a kid thrown in the water who had to quickly learn how to swim. It was really hard but I wanted to continue and start living as a driver.

What was your path? What leagues and races have you competed in?

My first two years of racing were only in the Sport Stil Cup. It was a championship for the Balkan countries and it felt pretty enjoyable to race. It was the start of my career and I loved it! However, we’ve only had around ten drivers per category, so you can’t really compare it with WSK and CIK FIA championships.

Have you been supported by anyone in particular to arrive in the WSK?

Last year I transferred from Rotax senior to KZ2 but I chose to stay with a Sodi kart chassis. I went with Danilo Rossi for two days of testing with his Modena engines and DR kart chassis. Even though I was surprised with his materials, I was more surprised with Danilo himself. Danilo is a very good person and he was really willing to help me with my first times with KZ. Later we contacted the owner of CPB sport, Paul Bizalion, who was happy to do some tests with me in Sarno at the Europe Championship. I was mainly supported by my father and Paul Bizalion but I would be very happy If I could find sponsors.

And how are you doing in this championship? It's hard?

This is my first year in this championship and I must say that it’s not easy at all. There’s an abundance of great drivers, big teams and companies. I’m still learning and improving, so every race is a huge progress for me. My main issue however are the qualifications, as every time I start in the back where problems always occur.

How do you feel in your current team, the CPB Sport?

Last year I joined CPB Sport and it quickly became like family to me. The atmosphere was great and we all worked together for results. CPB is now one of the best teams in karting world and I am happy to be a part of it. Especially because of Kevin Petit, team manager, who always has the answer to all the questions and problems. We’ve also got great mechanics who are making everything easier for us. This year, CPB Sport got many more drivers but the atmosphere is the same as last year's. Currently we have around 12 drivers and we are all like a family and still getting to know each other.Once again I have to thanks Paul Bizalion and Sodi kart, whose material and team made my progress much faster.

How do you train to be ready for competitions?

I train at home or in the gym whenever I have time. The physical condition of the body is very important for racing and you really need to train a lot for it. This is especially true in the summer when temperatures go over 40 degrees, so with all the equipment its very hard for everyone and your body must be prepared to handle it all. Cardio is a must for your condition, as well as a lot of driving. Lonato in summer is really hard because of the grip, particularly with the new white Vega tires.

Which is your best race so far?

My best races were in Slovenia 2 years ago when I set track record and P1 overall and my biggest improvement in the World Championship last year, where I got P45 in the qualifications. I hope that this year things are going to get better after this extremely challenging moment for the whole world.

What is your secret wish?

My secret wish is to get on the podium and show myself that I am capable of doing that!

We all hope that the races will start again soon, in the meantime I wish you luck!

In this difficult moment in history, races are dismissed, but this darkness will pass! We will be back stronger and faster! Thanks Roberto, best of luck and stay safe, stay at home; this is the most important race the world is running right now!
Roberto Deluca

Thanks to Jovan Pavicevic, our partners and Marco Sangalli